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Beers Investigations

How can I help you?

Witness location, interviewing, report writing, background investigations, analytical skills,
review of voluminous materials, research, civil compromise and accounting.


Oregon licensed private investigator with 20+ years of experience conducting investigations in the U.S. District and State Courts. I am independent and team oriented.  Responsible for working on multiple complex assignments concurrently involving multiple parties. Experience conducting a variety of investigations for attorneys and private clients; has included investigating 20 death penalty/murder cases and over 100+ sex abuse cases.

What my customers are saying

Shirley  does exceptional work.

Contact Me

Call or email me at 503-289-2280 or

For outstanding service for investigations and exemplary assistance in trial preparation, I am an ideal choice.

Beers Investigations
6204 N Moore Avenue
Portland, OR 97217-2152
Office: (503) 289-2280

Cell: (503) 807-1000

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