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Oregon licensed private investigator with 20+ years of experience conducting investigations in the U.S. District and State Courts. I am independent and team oriented. Responsible for working on multiple complex assignments concurrently involving multiple parties. Experience conducting a variety of investigations for attorneys and private clients;  including investigating 20+ death penalty/murder cases and over 100+ sex abuse cases. 


Searching through voluminous materials and online information, thorough investigations will discover all the information needed.


On site investigations and interviews are made as needed to find witnesses and first-hand discovery of the facts for your cause.


Before your trial begins, thorough preparation and organization of materials used to ready case.

Contact Us

Call or email me at 503-289-2280 or

For outstanding service for investigations and exemplary assistance in trial preparation, I am an ideal choice.

Beers Investigations

6204 N Moore Avenue

Portland, OR 97217-2152

Office: (503) 289-2280

Cell: (503) 807-1000

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